Creative Works Studio depends on and values its community of volunteers. 

As a volunteer at Creative Works Studio, you are special. You are willing to give regular time and energy to someone needing a little help. You are helping people in your community lead more satisfying, independent lives. Your efforts will bring happiness to others, as well as a sense of personal fulfillment that is hard to beat.

We are always seeking general volunteers to help our at the studio or during special events. Volunteers serve in the following ways:

  • Volunteer artists share their skills and work with studio members
  • Steering Committee members from all walks of life connect us to the larger community
  • Art Gems volunteers help us mount an annual successful art auction
  • Art Show volunteers help us transport art, set up and staff art show booths for several art shows and fairs in the community
  • Workshop volunteers help with coffee, snacks, clean-up and set-up
  • Occasional Administrative support
  • Special Event support

Interested? Contact us at 416-203-2711 x7559 or x7560

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