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Christy Pickles
• Clinical Leader Manager •  Ambulatory Mental Health and Addictions, St. Michael’s Hospital

Arlene Coventry • Business Manager • Mental Health and Addictions, St. Michael’s Hospital

Stewart Hunt • Director • Stewart Hunt Consulting, Inc.

Judy Allen • Director • Art Gems 

Ginny Leuty • Chair • Art Gems Committee

Shelley Yampolsky • Former VP Marketing; Current Visual Artist

Myra Cridland • Senior Vice President & Head BMO  Private Banking, Canada & Asia • BMO Financial Group

Erin Thadani • Philanthropy Officer • St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation

Lawrence Rutherford • CWS Member

Gail Woolnaugh • CWS Member

Cavelle “Coco” Wilson • CWS Member



Sarah Vincett



Ginny Leuty • Director

Judy Allen • Incoming Director, Art Gems 2016

Josette Lamoureux
• Assistant Director • Art Gems

Shelley Yampolsky • Past Chair

Lindy Green • Co-Chair, Art Committee

Martha Reeve • Co-Chair, Art Committee

Mary-Ellen Hynd • Communication/Event Specialist

Haley Gilis • Fundraising and Ticket Sales

Nancy Evans • Fundraising and Ticket Sales  

Ann Katrusiak • Fundraising and Ticket Sales

Alison Dalglish-Pottow • Co-Curator

Isabel Fryszberg • Occupational Therapist & Creative Lead of Creative Works Studio,
St. Michael’s Inner City Health Program

Nancy Garner • Past Chair • Director, Good Shepherd Non-Profit Homes Inc.

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