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Featured Member: Tatjana Blinja

Tatjana Blinja
completed studies at the School of Applied Arts in Zagreb, Educational Centre for Art and Culture, and also studied at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Technological Textile and Clothing Design in Croatia. She now works as a material artist – expressing herself through drawings, clay, painting, mixed media and textiles. Tatjana’s work reflects a spiritual journey as a person who is exploring her connection to angels and the universe. Through her process of art-making she strives to discover and express more about herself and her place in this world.

Support Tatjana by checking out her website and blog. You can order an original piece of jewelry or shadow box from her, or you can even commission a painting! You will be touched and moved by her work. 

You can see Tatjana’s sculpture work on display now:
Custom Framing & Gallery
732 Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario
M4M 1H2

See more from Tatjana or get in touch
Website: http://www.byangel4.com
Blog: http://www.byangel4.com/blog

Tatjana shares drawings of her day-to-day experiences on her blog.

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