We had a ball at our 2nd Annual Bowlathon Fundraiser on Sunday, February 7, 2016! Between our 13 dedicated teams of fundraising bowlers, we made $10,280! So far these Bowlathon fundraisers have brought in over $26,000. We can’t wait to do it again – it’s a really fun way to fundraise. Stay tuned for details on our next event. You can email if you want to get on our Bowlathon mailing list. 

Funds raised through the Bowlathon go to essential programming costs such as art supplies, artist facilitator fees and art show costs. We could not host 85 clients and 2,500 visits per year without this essential community-based support.

See select photos below from previous events, or see photos from the 2016 event or 2015 event specifically using the links.

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